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Holy Queercakes!

muzikmaker21 in dearslaversbane

Dear Slaversbane-

I am posting twice because you ask constantly for new questions and I just thought of this one. Here goes.

I am a transman. I have boobs. I have a vagina. I have a pretty big strap-on wang that can be hours of fun for everyone in any given space or time. I generally pass for a man as well especially now that I've hacked seventeen inches off of my hair.

My problem is this. Apparently, this now means that every lesbian within a twelve mile radius of my home is attracted to me. It's as though I am an open jar of honey that has been left outside for the flies and bees to swarm to, lick, eat, and enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE lesbians and I love what they do and everything they stand for, but in order for a true lesbian relationship to work, it generally needs to involve two females, of which I am not one. I do not wish to be perceived as female.

Should I take advantage of the fact that I've got hoardes of beautiful women who would stop at practically nothing to be in my bed, should I stand my ground and tell them that I am not a woman, or should I just insist that they let me use my giant, impatient phallus?

You tell me.


Poor Bunny

October 2006

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